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Membership Information for Shippers

Q. What is DeliveryBrokers?

A. Shippers, Brokers and Consumers, Post Your Available Flatbed, Van, Reefer or Flatbed Loads. You will be contact by Freight Cariers and Delivery Agents that are ready to handle your transport needs. Delivery Providers Get more business. Sign up with Delivery Brokers and get alerted instantly for delivery jobs in your area. Bid on available Deliveries in your near you. Get Notified Immediately when a Delivery Order is posted near you. Give Delivery Quotes and Courier and Trucking Rates. No Commission No Contracts.

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Q. What benefits does my company or myself as a shipper receive with being a member?

A. Membership allows you to post deliveries online and to receive multiple quotes from multiple couriers and Trucking Agents near your pick location. In turn you get the Best Rate and the Best Service Nationwide. Included in your free membership is a special feature that enables you to communicate with each Delivery Provider Member, bidding on your delivery via amail communication and our online instant message/ chat feature.


Q. How much does it cost to use DeliveryBrokers to post my delivery?

A. Posting Deliveries is always free on! Shippers, freight forwarders or just about anyone who needs a Delivery can post a delivery free and receive multiple quotes from same day delivery companies near your pick up location.


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Shipper Features
Post Your Available Deliveries.
Search for Delivery Agents near you.


Instant Messaging to Network Members.
Receive Multiple Quotes from Agents.
Get Rates by Email, Cell Phone Text Message or Phone contact.
Nationwide Delivery Agent and Courier directory search.
Mapquest - Mileage calculations.

Q. How far in advance can I post on

A. You can post freight and vehicles up to 30 days in advance.


Q. How do I choose a the right delivery agent to use for my delivery?

A. You make the choice on which independent agent to use. We suggest you choose the best courier that fits your criteria, so whether it's based on your delivery budget, driver availability, customer service, or simply the Delivery Agent with the quickest response.


Q. How long do postings stay listed on
A. You can remove your posting at any time by going to the My Posted Deliveries page. It is suggested to remove your posting after you have accepted the delivery agent (of choice. If not, your Postings are removed after thirty days from from the pick up date of your posting.

Q. What are the type of services we promote?

A. Messenger Courier Services. 1 oz. - Up to 10,000 lbs.“Document, LtL, Multi Drops, Freight, Routes“ Will call” pick-ups, Airport delivery, Door to Door, Business to Business, Residential, Freight, Personal, Attorney Services, Airport Pick Ups, Bank deposits, Medical deliverie,s Payroll deliveries, Mail pick ups, Etc.


Membership Information for Couriers, Truckers, Freight Carriers

Q. What benefits does my company as a delivery service provider ( Delivery Agent) receive with being a member?

A. Get World-Wide Exposure. We solicit your services and promote our site world-wide via internet marketing, email campaigns, direct marketing, refferal and word of mouth. Take advantage getting of our early Company registration and enjoy being

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B. Join Delivery Brokers Get New Business and Find Deliveries and Freight Loads, other Trucking Companies and Owner Operators to network with instantly. Dispatch Delivery Agent Members and Subcontractors Nationally. Never Turn Down a Customer for deliveries or freight out of your area.


C. Included in your membership is a special feature that enables you to communicate with person's posting available delivery, and any Delivery Provider service member. Membership also allows you to post deliveries online and to receive multiple quotes from multiple couriers near your pick location. Bid on Rush, LTL, Expedited Parcels and FreightLoads for Delivery via our online instant message/ chat feature. Take a look at our features:


Q. What are the differences Free vs. Monthly Membership ?

Website Features

Post & Search Deliveries and Available Freight.
Instant Messaging to Delivery Providers.

Mass Delivery Post Uploads.
Email, Cell Phone Text Message, Phone contact notification.
Nationwide 411 Delivery Provider directory search.
Print and Download Dels Online.
Advertise your company with banner ads.
Courier Job Forums.
Google Mapst - Mileage calculations.

Q. Search for free?

A. Yes, from’s home page, members and non-members can search for available deliveries or search for a messenger courier service in any city/state or zip code. To view complete posting details, including posting company name and contact information, specific details or requirements, etc. you must register and sign up a monthly membership.



Find Freight Find All Available Freight and Deliveries Posted
Search by State or by Origin-To-Destination points
Find Flatbed, Reefer Loads, Courier, Van, FTL and LTL Freight -click here

Q. How do I upgrade or change my Membership ?

A. Access your My Account lnfo page settings, and go to Upgrade Account.

Switch to any membership level or add additional features here. Changes will be effective on your next billing cycle date.  Questions on billing should be directed to


Q. How do I cancel my member account?

A. Send us an email with a cancellation request to  Please include your name, company name, and email contact information for verification. 


Q. How long are membership terms?

A. Memberships are monthly and renew automatically. 


Q. What if I have multiple offices, should I have one account or more?

A.  You should open an account for each office that will be using to post and search. Each office account is set up with a specific contact person, address, contact information, and up to 2 alert zip code preferences. If you have one office overseeing all the items you post or search for on, then one account is sufficient.  If you have more than one location, contact person, etc. using, then create separate accounts for each.


Q. If we create multiple accounts for our company are the monthly fees still the same for each account?

A. Please contact us at to discuss the number of accounts you are considering and we will review pricing options specific for your company’s usage level.
2. Email Alerts and Instant Message (Chat Box Messages)

Q. How am I notified that my bid has been accepted, messages,with alerts?

A. Email alerts are automatic email notices sent to your contact email address when new available deliveries, are listed on  You receive email alerts for postings made in your business zip code zone.


Q. How soon do I Get Notified?

A. You will receive within 5-15 minutes when a new posting is manually listed in one of the four zip codesyou have chosen to monitor. Your business zip code zone includes all zip codes listed on your Get Notified page in My Account.


Q. Can I add additional zip codes for alerts?

A. Yes.  With your membership, you can add up to 4 additional zip codes for an additional monthly rate of $4.95.  On you My account page, bottom of page, choose additional listing.


*Note: We do not do deliveries.. We do however solicit your delivery services and promote our site world-wide via internet marketing, email campaigns, direct marketing, refferal and word of mouth. Please call us or email us with any and all suggestions you have for features or enhancements that will make using more valuable for your company.  We will improve the system whenever we see a way to make work better for your company. Please report any problems you encounter while using, we will fix them ASAP.

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Q. What areas, cities, and states do you have delivery coverage?

A. Our intention is to have Messenger Couriers, Truckers, Freight Carriers and Owner Operator members to cover all areas nationally.


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